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Biciplan Cambio: tribute to Ezio Intropido

2/9/24, 1:00 PM

The works for Line 7 have begun

Biciplan Cambio: tribute to Ezio Intropido

A few days from the start of construction for the cycling path Line 7 of the Biciplan "Cambio" project, funded by PNRR, a symbolic ceremony was held in memory of Ezio Intropido, founder of the "Paullo che Pedala" association and the first promoter of the connection path between the cycling networks of Milan and Lodi. In particular, through events and signature collections, Mr. Intropido's worked harshly for the construction of a cycle path between Paullo and Mombretto di Mediglia.

The Metropolitan City of Milan, with some Mayors of the involved Municipalities, organized this ceremony during which a commemorative parchment was presented to the Intropido family members (wife Daniela and daughter Costanza). Councilor for Mobility Marco Griguolo commented: "Unfortunately, Mr. Intropido did not live to see his dream come true, but his call to rediscover alternative mobility has not gone unheard. The Biciplan Cambio of the Metropolitan City of Milan gathers the requests, hopes and dreams of all those who believe in the development of soft mobility and aims to make various modes of transportation safer, integrated, and eco-friendly. It is no coincidence that the PNRR allocates 25 billion euros to sustainable mobility. An investment that is understandable in fact the Bikeconomy, in the European Union, has a value of 500 billion euros, a figure expected to increase significantly. By 2030, 70% of bicycles will be electrically assisted, and in the EU, more bicycles will be sold than cars."

Line 7 of the Biciplan "Cambio", financed by the European Union - Next Generation EU within the Integrated Urban Plans M5C2I2.2, will have a length of 17 km and a cost of 13,450,000 euros. It will connect the Municipalities of Peschiera Borromeo, Pantigliate, Mediglia, Paullo, Tribiano, and Colturano, and the completion of the works is expected by 2025.